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Tosa Inu

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Red Dragon Kennel - Korean Mastiffs Dosa & Dosa Korean Mastiff & Mee-Gyeon Dosa Korean Mastiffs Breeders Kennels & Tosa Inu Puppies Breeder

Tosa Inu, Dogue de Bordeaux, Neapolitan Mastiff aka Mastino Napoletano, English Bulldog, English Mastiff and Saint Bernard kennel.

Dosa (Korean Mastiff)

Tosa Inu puppies for sale

   People always wanted dogs who are gladiator-like muscled and great looking. And breeds like English Bulldog, Dogue de Bordeaux, Mastino Napoletano, English Mastiff, Saint Bernard and Tosa Inu meet these needs. However, there are also people who love such type of dogs in a smaller version and that is why dog breeds like English Bulldog. Anyway, many human beings long for not only good appearance but also for some guarding and working ability. Therefore they often choose our Tosa Inu for their favorite dog. And those who are looking for great show dogs mainly, they would probably prefer Dogue de Bordeaux, Neapolitan Mastiff, English Mastiff and Saint Bernard. We know that and therefore our kennel devotes large attention to these famous breeds of dogs.

We ship worldwide.

Dogue de Bordeaux, English Bulldog, English Mastiff, Neapolitan Mastiff aka Mastino Napoletano, Saint Bernard and Tosa Inu.


We ship Worldwide by all airlines,
you receive your puppy very healthy,
quickly and safely in a day or up to 2 days.
We inform you airfreight
and airplane number at that time,
and you receive your puppies
from your Int'l airports
simply and right away.
The information you need to inform us
is only your international airport name,
address, telephone number and your name.
We use varikennel pet crate to ship.

Tosa Inu and korean Mastiffs' delivery by airplane   Tosa Inu and Korean Mastiffs' Kennel

Biggest, heaviest and gorgeous
Dosa(Korean Mastiff) is the biggest dog in South Korea, They are also the most popular heavy and big dog.

(New Birth)

   We breed aristocratic Dosa (Korean Mastiff) and fighting Tosa Inu, above all, but the concern of our kennel is also other dog breeds like well-known English Bulldog, marvellous Saint Bernard, very good Dogue de Bordeaux, charming Mastino Napoletano and legendary English Mastiffs.

   However, if you would prefer our Dosa Dogs and Tosa Inu to English Bulldog, Dogue de Bordeaux, Saint Bernard, Neapolitan Mastiff and English Mastiff, there is no easier way for you but to contact us to get the most beautiful puppies you have ever seen. All Dosas and Tosas in our kennel are top quality and pure bred.

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